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The XX Pro Namel South


List Price: £150,000 |

Pro Audio Mouse Control Surface Mouse.bmp


For Sale | Prototype Presentation

Intellectual Property:

USA Design Patent
UK Patent

EU Registered Design (28 Countries)
Canada, South Korea, Japan Registered Design
Switzerland, Singapore, Turkey, Liechtenstein Registered Design

Trademark (1) and Copyright (original)


Business Acquisition/ Ownership Bids:


Physical Prototype of IP, Computer Data and Media
Domain Name
Development Team Connection


Enhanced Mouse Controller with High-End Features, still Compact in Size, Compatible with All Plugins,

Energy & Cost Efficient to Run with Intuitive Method of Use All in One Unit, All in One Hand | AM/D Conversion

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The Producers Pro Audio Mouse Control Surface Mouse.jpg

Uncompromising immersive performance, 
Un-matched in method, pursue the mix with touch, 
real time GUI control.


3-dimensional control over the 2D, immersive mixing experience

Demonstration Highlights of IP Prototype

The mouse for the studio

Presenting Anchor

Iconic dual-control design, definitive form factor, 
360° full access, automatic reset

Optimized premium parameter control, true 1-to-1 auto-assign real-time 
precision tracking, touch sensitive, full motion parameter, visual interaction

Designed for Music Production, Mixing and Mastering

A performance excellence 
unleash your true mix potential 

Dedicated plug-in control to make your mark

A new standard in mixing, high definition redefining precision design,
insightful and creative

Pro Audio Mouse Specialist Knob.jpg

The Producers Mouse

AM/D conversion, resolution adjustment, 
auto / manual control, the Pro Audio Mouse is, 
the Control Surface Mouse

A specialist design

Shaped to accommodate the natural contours and movement 
of the human hand, an exceptional partnership for the studio
Pro Audio Mouse Omni Control.jpg

Pad | Mod

Visionary control for the producer, 
engineer and artist.

An Exceptional partnership, enhanced workflow, stable and convenient

Pro Audio Mouse MOD Button.jpg

Precision placement

Pro Audio Mouse PAD Button.jpg

Expanded control

Pad Response Option


PAD down the resolution between physical and digital parameter 
to slow down the pace of control for the plug-in knob for mastering precision.

Fader / Slider Control Option


Switch to control Faders or Sliders with the versatile MOD button 
and expand the functionality of the unit to a wider range of parameters

Promo Video of IP Prototype


Intelligent Auto-Assign: move in-between all plug-ins – in real time 
with automatic knob assignment


Touch Sensitive

Turn all knobs as you naturally would, allowing you to place them more 

Pro Audio Mouse Touch Sensitive Auto Assign.jpg

Solo or Dual Mouse Setup Option

Use together with any mouse – just like a ready control surface
sitting next to your hand. Go to the Pro Audio Mouse 
when you need to use the knob


Automatic / Manual Recall

Pro Audio Mouse Automatic Manual Recall Dual Setup.jpg

Combined control of auto-assign + automatic recall synchronize with 
your movements in real-time or follow in manual recall


Compatible with all plug-ins

Gain compatibility across all plug-ins, from every audio plug-in developer, from every corner of the industry


Usable with all Major DAW’s

Consistent, efficient usability across all major digital audio workstations

The Control Link between Analog and Digital | AM/D Conversion


High Resolution plug-in parameter control; compatible with all audio plug-ins – Possibly the new industry standard

Demonstration Anchor
Features Anchor

MK-01 Features

LXS Pro Audio Mouse MK-01 Features.jpg
LXS Pro Audio Mouse Dual Design Control Surface Mouse.jpg


Dual Design Control Surface Mouse


Dual Design Form Factor


The Pro Audio Mouse is the control-link between user and plug-in, between analog and digital. The control surface moves location with your hand for adaption.


Form Factor




Compact to accommodate the natural contours and movement of the human hand, takes minimal space in the studio or during travel.






Compatible with all plug-ins as one unit


Gain compatibility for all plug-ins, from every developer, from all corners of the industry who design plug-ins to be used inside Digital Audio Workstations.


Information on Keyboard Shortcuts


Keyboard shortcuts are not compatible with the Pro Audio Mouse Knob, but are fully compatible with the normal mouse section on the unit which is used as normal.


Usable in All Major DAWs for plug-ins


The Pro Audio Mouse is both consistent and efficient thanks to its superb usability across all major digital audio workstations for all plug-ins






Premium High Resolution Control


Advanced High Resolution Precision Control: A Physical connection from the tip of your fingers to the plug-in.


Control Knob Parameters


Gain the ability to control knob parameters using a specialist knob for any plug-in and never be restricted in compatibility to only a few plug-ins ever again; just the way a control surface should be.


Fader / Slider Control


A practical bonus; switch to control Faders using the versatile MOD button and expand the reaction of the Pro Audio Mouse’s Knob to standard plug-in faders, sliders and more.




Intelligent Auto-Assign: move in-between all plug-ins – in real time. The superb Pro Audio Mouse deals with assignments automatically.

Touch Sensitive


Touch control sent to the digital domain, use all the plugin knobs as you naturally would, allowing you to put them more naturally into place using feel.

Automatic Recall


Move from parameter to parameter with smooth accuracy using the combined control of Auto-Assign + Automatic Recall synchronized with

your hand movements in real time.

Manual Recall


Use the Pro Audio Mouse in manual mode for assignment control of knob parameters to manually follow you with the top logo / recall button.

Pad Response Option


PAD down the resolution between physical and digital parameter to slow down the pace of control for the plug-in knob and enter the mix with mastering precision.

Real-Time Control


Continuously move and sustain the amazing 3-dimensional control across the entire mix and gain feel-accurate results due to the immersive brilliance of the Pro Audio Mouse.

LED Interaction


Lights illuminate synchronized to your actions as the Pro Audio Mouse follows your commands to assist with every plug-in.

Audio Production Use


The Pro Audio Mouse is designed for the music producer, engineer and artist for use inside DAWs, digital audio workstations.

Video Editor Use


The Pro Audio Mouse is designed exclusively for use in music but it can also be set to control many parameters of Video Editors using settings

and the MOD button. 




Solo or Dual

Dual Setup Option


The built-in flexibility allows for a dual setup alongside all mice – just like a ready control surface sitting next to your hand. Go to the Pro Audio Mouse when you need to use its Knob. The Pro Audio Mouse unit can replace or be used alongside any mouse.





Mixing Desk Control Simulation


Control EQ plug-ins like a Mixing Desk
Advanced control sent across the entre mix.

Analog Synth Control Simulation


Control Synth plug-ins like an Analog Synth
Advanced control sent across the entre mix.

Simulate Mastering with Hardware


High Resolution control for important decisions    
Use Mastering plug-ins with physical touch.




Where to use

Home Studios


The Pro Audio Mouse will bring industry standard control to the studio. Upgrade with dual design – advanced control for all the plug-ins.

Professional Studios


The Pro Audio Mouse is the medium between the analog hardware and the digital software, use your consistent technique across the entire mix.

Travel Studios


Take the Pro Audio Mouse with you to any location and always stay compact – the perfect partner to complete your Notebook/Laptop studio.

Bedroom Studios


The Pro Audio Mouse adds hidden sophistication to the environment, able to be a computer mouse for normal use, but also ready for music production on demand.

The Pro Audio Mouse has strong design and ground breaking results for plug-in parameter control. Since the initial concept in 2009 to the first prototype in 2019 inspiring the detail design, compliance matrix, schematic and mechanical 3D geometry implementation of the second prototype in 2020 leading into the high resolution advancement of hardware, performance test and measure, review and confirmation of the third prototype in 2021, the presentation of style and forms over a 22 month high-level development phase has been signed.



Understanding of the music industry was central to the success of this method for plug-in parameter control; development had to be done with respect for the arts, quality and an appreciation for music production and engineering before it was introduced to the world.

Pro Audio Mouse Front Shot.jpg

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